sábado, 12 de enero de 2013

Dealing with insults

Get insulted? Next time it happens, ask yourself  "Why is this person insulting me?" Usually that answer to that has nothing to do with the actual words being said - they just want to cut you down for whatever reason. So be it.  Perhaps they need to justify a pre-conceived opinion they have formed about you, or maybe they hate themselves that day. Whatever - not your problem. Insecure people insult others -they expose themselves far worse than they insult you. Walk the high road and take pity on the weak: brush it off and remove yourself from these toxic people.  But no matter what happens, when  you feel insulted, the best answer is good old silence and walking away. Finally,  if you are the one who has done the insulting, it's never too late to wise up, apologize, and start again - they may not forgive you, but that is not the point in any case.

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