viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

How a broken heart can break the bank: advice for Entrepreneurs in relationships

I spent most of 2012 investing my time and energy in anguishing over a girl that dumped me in the shittiest way possible. I came out of the fog in time to save my business before the end of the year, but lesson learned was a tough one.

The fact is that Entrepreneurs cannot afford to be so emotional. The Opportunity Cost of investing energy in regret, anger, and depression is enormous. A broken-hearted entrepreneur runs the risk of breaking the bank. It is much better to invest that energy in one's business.

If your business is based on more decision-making then labor intensive work, and you're sitting at the computer all day, which, unlike a physically active daily routine, leaves much more room for negative thoughts to creep in, then during this period cut down your working hours. Limit yourself to completing just two very important tasks each day. Focus on quality over quantity and do those tasks very well - and then get up and leave. Doesn't matter if those two tasks took you one hour or five hours. Just leave.

Go to the gym, join a writers group, attend an entrepreneurs meet up, change location and read a book in a cafe. Perhaps start a blog. ;-)

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